Charlotte & Dan are partners and business partners.

They started a small multimedia production company together called Visual Trailer Limited and used to enjoy working on their laptops in the garden. In March 2018 Charlotte turned 30 and organised a woodland themed birthday party. The preparations went a bit wild and with the help of her good friend Jess, the party was a success. They made little woodland jewellery gifts to give to each guest and the feedback was wonderful. Charlotte's friends and family started wearing those jewellery gifts on a day to day basis and she was asked if she could make more as gifts. They were nothing fancy. Simple, nature themed alloy charms popped on earring hooks but they were very pretty.

Visual Trailer Limited kept Charlotte & Dan busy designing websites, creating new branding, printing and producing video. These skills were the perfect ingredients for launching a new business and so The Woodland Gift Company was born!

Slowly but surely the stock started to grow and orders started flowing in from Facebook. The Woodland duo were very passionate about creating a great gifting solution, reasonably priced and beautifully presented.  

After searching for gifts online and finding it pretty stressful, The Woodland Gift Company has been designed to provide a range of lovely sentimental gifts, inspired by nature and  beautifully wrapped. The pricing is a key factor. With so many people to buy for these days, Charlotte and Dan understand how difficult it can be to purchase thoughtful, unique gifts at reasonable prices. 


The introduction of the highest quality 925 Sterling Silver items was a big milestone for them after having reinvested all of the summer 2018 woodland sales into the new 925 range. The range continues to grow and the wonderful woodland pieces are only ever sourced from reputable, U.K suppliers. The prices are kept as low as possible to ensure that their growing customer base can purchase a range of beautiful woodland gifts without breaking the bank. The Woodland Gift Company provide a gifting service throughout the year for all occasions and they are a fabulous solution for Christmas time!

Thanks to the overwhelming number of orders, Charlotte and Dan were able to go full time at The Woodland Gift Company but you will still occasionally find Charlotte up into the wee hours designing for some of her friend's businesses! 

They added a range of mini sentiment cards to add to the simple gift boxes and they started signing them "To" & "From" on request. The beautiful little packages can be posted straight to the person it's intended for and the feedback has been extremely positive to date! Next came the handmade Wish Bracelets and Charlotte's greeting card designs!

The Woodland Team are also passionate about their part in reducing the use of plastic and the vast majority of their jewellery findings, charms and woodland stock are purchased in the U.K. The environment is important to Charlotte and Dan and their greeting cards, envelopes and postage boxes are all made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable. The twine used for all gift wrapping is natural and biodegradable. Recycling is high priority in the woodland house hold and the use of plastic is as minimal as possible. 

As The Woodland Gift Company continues to grow, Charlotte's Mum, Gloria will be lending a hand! Dan's Mum jumps in too! It's all hands on deck between creating, sourcing and selling their unique gifts but everyone is excited to build on The Woodland Gift Company 'brand'.

The support so far has been incredible and a huge THANK YOU is extended from the bottom of our hearts. YOU make the The Woodland Gift Company what it is and as customers, you are at the very heart of everything they set out to do.

final gift box image woodland ebay photo

"Building The Woodland Gift Company from

scratch has been such a learning curve.

We are so very grateful to all of our customers, our friends, our suppliers and

our family.

We are in love with our little business and

we just want to keep growing (and keep adding to our wonderful collection of unique gifts!). 

Thanks to everyone for giving us a try, for coming back to our online store and for the amazing feedback. 

We couldn't do it without you all and we are dedicated to getting better and better!"

Lots of Love,

Charlotte xxx