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Welcome to The Woodland Word!

The time has come to open a blog as a home to my Woodland writing. Here you'll find my thoughts on life, uplifting stories, an insider perspective on running our gorgeous family business The Woodland Gift Company & interesting articles featuring other Woodlanders.

I love to write.

I've been writing since I was a child & I often post long musings for our social media community. So many people have urged me to start a blog & I'm really excited at the thought of you reading my articles. There's a beauty in the written word & this blog will offer meaningful tales to uplift your soul.

You can send in any questions or article ideas, feedback and comments to our email address

If you would like to browse our exquisite gifts then click on the Woodland Gift Company logo at the very top of the page to shop with us. We truly appreciate every single order & we send each stunning Woodland gift with so much love.

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