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The Wedding Time Capsule Treasure Chest

The Wedding Time Capsule contains a silver opening heart made of glass, plain paper, twine, an instruction card and a wooden treadure chest. This time capsule gift instructs you on how to create 'time scrolls' letters to one another after your wedding day. Seal the letters in the beautiful time capsule and open it on your first wedding anniversary. You can repeat the process and collect the tie scrolls year after year. These letters to your future selves are really interesting to read back and this is a truly unique gift. 


The Wedding Time Capsule Hamper contains:


1 x Silver Glass & Metal Opening Heart.

1 x Instruction Card.

1 x Paper & Twine Pack.

1 x Rustic Wooden Treasure Chest.

1 x Message card (add a message to your order and we will hand sign the card for you). 


Please take care when handling glass trinkets. Secure them well you choose to hang them, keep out of reach of small children and store them carefully to prevent breakage.

The Wedding Time Capsule Treasure Chest