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FAQ's - Delivery & Returns


Can I change my address once I’ve ordered?

Yes you can. If you've accidentally typed in the Incorrect delivery details or wish to change your original please Contact us as soon as you've placed your order. We aim to dispatch order in 24-48 hours. If you email us after 48 hours, the order will be out for delivery and we wont be able to make any further changes. If you've contacted us regarding the changes, you'll receive an email notification that your parcel will be out for delivery. The details will be the same on the email from your original order, but a note will be left on our system. 

If you need to change an address asap then contact us now


Do you send invoices in your parcels? 

No, We don't include any invoices in your orders. We understand that not everyone would like an invoice in their order especially if you want to send a gift to your friends or family. We decided early on that we would not include any invoices in any orders. You will however, receive an online order invoice for your records which will be sent to the email address you've used to place the order along with an email notification regarding when your order has been dispatched.


Can I send a parcel directly to another person? ​

Yes you can. The great thing about our service is that you can send a gift(s) straight to your friends and family's address. All you need to do is keep your billing address the same and change only the delivery address at checkout. It's that easy! You can also include a written message on the gift tag(s) too so your friends can see who its from. If you would like to send multiple gifts to multiple addresses please order each one separately.

Note: Unfortunately, We cannot split the order up in to other addresses on one order. This is due to the cost of postage.


Can I find out if a product is back in stock?

Yes you can. You can contact us about stock availability and we will always do our best to re-stock requested items where possible. When an item is back in stock we often post about it on our Facebook page and for the most popular items, we'll often include it in our weekly subscriber mail out. When you subscribe to our newsletter you'll be one of the first to see new and existing products as well as our weekly free gift on Wednesdays only. Subscribe today and never miss a moment. Click here to sign up to our news letter located on the top right hand side of the footer.

We do keep our Facebook page updated so please feel free to like our page here: Click here to view our Facebook page


Can I leave a message on my order?

Yes you can. Its really easy to do. Click on a product you would like to purchase. Select the gift tag you would like to be included on the item and underneath the card/tag options there's a section for your to/from notes. Here is where you can leave a little message to your friends or family. Maximum characters = 100. You can do this multiple times on multiple orders.


Note: Wish Bracelets are the only product on our website we don't have the signing option on. This is due to the time it was taking to complete orders. We cannot also guarantee that we will sign wish bracelet orders even if a main order note is added but we will always try our very best.


Is your gift wrapping free of charge? 

Yes it is. All of our gifts come gift wrapped free of charge. You can find out what the gift wrapping looks like on the product photos. We pride ourselves in how we present our gifts. We use as many recyclable products throughout our gifting process. Which includes, Biodegradable Twine, Recyclable Gift Tags, Card Based boxes, Greeting cards, Eco Tape, Backing Cards, Envelopes & more. We always go for the more eco options available and we don't cover anything in plastic!


Can I use a discount code on my order?

Yes you can. You can use discount code HELLO10 for 10% off your entire order. Use HELLO10 at checkout under the label promo codes. You can also subscribe and receive a 25% OFF, one use code applicable to all 925 Sterling Silver items. Subscribe today and receive your 25% OFF Sterling Silver Promo Code via email. Note: Promo codes are not valid during a site wide sale. You can also only use one code per transaction.


How do I subscribe to your mailing list? 

You can subscribe to our mailing list on our homepage or by scrolling down to the bottom (footer) of the website where you'll find the site map tabs and customer service information links. Located In the top right hand corner there will be a subscribe button, where you'll be asked to enter your email address to receive our monthly newsletters. Once you've put your email address in to the box and pressed subscribe you'll be sent an email from us. (The Woodland Gift Company). Please check your spam or junk mail box if you can't see the email in your inbox. By subscribing to our mailing list you'll receive a one of 25% OFF Sterling Silver subscriber promo code to use on your next order. You'll also be one of the first to see new products, restocks and exciting news. 


How do I pay for an order?

To pay for an order simply choose a gift from our website and add this gift to the cart. To view the cart click on the shopping bag symbol at the top of the website. Your gift(s) will be located on the left hand side of the page and you should be able to see the total amount due below. To pay by card click the check out button and you'll be directed to a new page where you'll need to fill out the details on the form in order to purchase the items in your cart. Alternatively you can also pay by Paypal. To pay by Paypal click on the button labelled Paypal, located below the checkout button. As soon as you've paid for your order you'll be directed to a thank you page. Your order will now be in our system and we will notify you by email when your order is complete, dispatched and on its way. If paying via Paypal, please ensure the address is correct at checkout because Paypal can overside the delivery address. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact us as soon as your order is placed. Our card processing system is world class and it's very secure.


Can I cancel an order online?

Unfortunately you wont be able to cancel your order online. However, you can send us an email and we can do it for you. Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your order. We dispatch parcels within 24-48hrs. If you send us an email, regarding your cancellation and the email is sent to us after the 48hours, we wont be able to process the refund until we receive the parcel back to us and we won't be able to refund postage on most occasions.


What card payments do you accept?

You can pay for your order using a Visa Debit, Credit Card, Meastro, American Express, Paypal, Stripe & Paypal Cheque & more. Note: Paypal Cheques are usually cleared in 3-5 working days, Once the cheque is cleared we will receive your order and dispatch the order. Parcels are only sent when Paypal Cheque is cleared and using Paypal Cheques can delay your dispatch. 


Can you take orders over the telephone?


At present, we don't have a specific system for taking card payments over the phone but we can assist you with placing your order. When absolutely necessary, we can process your order on our system while on the phone with you but that does entail us asking to input your card details on your behalf. We require definitive permission to do this and we never store any card details whatsoever. We do prefer to send a bespoke invoice for you to pay by BACS (bank transfer) or directly into our business PayPal account. Your order will only be dispatched once payment has been made in full. 


Do you sell bulk orders of products? 

Yes we do. If you're looking to find out more information regarding products we sell in bulk please send us an email to and one of our advisors will respond in 24 - 48 hours. 


What should I do if my order is damaged? 

It's extremely rare for this to happen but if your parcel arrives damaged or the contents inside are damaged then please contact us as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to rectify this.


What happens if I don't receive my item? 

We aim to dispatch and deliver items in 1-3 working days. If you haven't received your order during this time frame, please wait a further 24 hours before contacting us regarding your order. If your order still hasn't arrived, please send an email with your Full name, Order number & Email address. We will contact you with more information within 24 - 48hrs from your initial email if not sooner! We will do our upmost to resolve these types of issues and we really care about the quality of our service.

Email Address:


Do you stock longer Sterling Silver chains? 

We currently don't stock longer sterling silver chains. The longest chain we stock is 18inch rhodium plated sterling silver chains. We're currently working towards including this option to our product page and we will notify our subscribes when this is completed. 


Do 925 Sterling Silver items tarnish? 

925 Sterling Silver can tarnish over time because of the high silver content in our items. We source our 925 Sterling Silver from highly reputable suppliers and we have worked with them since our Sterling Silver collection was born. Many of our Sterling Silver items are Rhodium plated which keeps them shiny and tarnish free for longer. Storage of your Sterling Silver items is important when you're not wearing them. Try to keep them sealed and out of the air to avoid oxidation over long periods of time.

They're a lot of home remedies and cleaning techniques available which will remove the tarnished areas. One of the best methods of cleaning your jewellery is with bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar but you can also use standard 'silver cleaners' from reputable stores. This will keep your items looking shiny and new for much longer. 

If you have any tarnishing concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch at

Use coupon code: HELLO10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order

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